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TV in Motion - "Plug & Play" - VW MFD/Audi RNS-D (Navi+)

TV in Motion - "Plug & Play" - VW MFD/Audi RNS-D (Navi+)

Product ID: 179

Availability:In stock

Weight: 0.04 kg

Fitting Instructions: Unavailable

TV in Motion - "Plug & Play" - VW MFD/Audi RNS-D (Navi+)

incl. VAT

Specific adapter to use the video source/TV - Tuner with the VW - navigation units, MFD as well as AUDI RNS-D while driving.
Activation as well as deactivation by using the red pushbutton
Displayed head units not part of the delivery.
Please keep in mind that in some countries it's forbidden by law to watch TV while driving.
Kufatec and the administrators of this website are not responsible for injury or damages in the case that this safety instruction is disobeyed.

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