Due to our long-term cooperation with VW Group we now specialize not only in installing original parts and accessories compatible with VW/Audi cars but also in providing warranty and non-warranty service, after-sales service and full car diagnostics.

Our diagnostic equipment combined with a wide array of testing programs allow us to determine the source of a malfunction with great precision. Consequently, our staff do various repairs very quickly and you can save a lot of your precious time and money. The range of diagnostic options provided by VAGTEC is much broader and precise than that provided by authorized VW/AUDI retailers. It is also cheaper. We use professional equipment as well as cutting edge-software, e.g. VAS, ELSAWIN, ETKA in order to do repairs efficiently.

VAGTEC provides mobile services 7 days a week. We examine notifications and do repairs up to 72 hours. We mend vehicles and replace parts and accessories anywhere upon our customer's request.

We realize that even the best assortment does not guarantee fast and efficient repairs. Consequently, we employ highly qualified staff who possess extensive knowledge and experience. We want to make sure that your car is in good hands.

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