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VAGTEC provides warranty and non-warranty service, after-sales service and full car diagnostics. Knowing our top quality products, we are the only company on the market that provides a 3–year factory warranty on all accessories and equipment. We realize how precious your time is, therefore we examine notifications and complaints up to 72 hours anywhere upon our customer's request. All the repairs are done immediately 7 days a week.

Moreover, VAGTEC provides a wide range of services concerning software implementation, coding parts and accessories manufactured by VW/Audi Group. Due to our detailed knowledge of various products and technology, we can safely code and de-code your equipment in order to maximize functionality and efficiency of your vehicles. Cutting edge technology, modern equipment, advanced software and professional staff form the foundation of our precise and effective service. We provide systems and solutions better than those provided by Volkswagen dealers.

In terms of software implementation, we offer:

  • professional actualization of navigation systems (repairs and system upgrades),
  • changing navigation region,
  • updating maps to the latest version,
  • 3G systems (e.g. three-dimensional images),
  • Bluetooth activation,
  • unblocking TV, DVD installing (to watch during the ride),
  • computer diagnostics of all the drivers,
  • manuals in Polish or any other language that is not available on standard offer (dubbed)
  • and other additional options in connection with MMI systems.

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