VAGTEC specializes in broadly defined car electronics. We not only distribute and install original parts and accessories for Volkswagen Group cars but also provide software and technical support. We run full car diagnostics and do overhauls. Due to our detailed knowledge of various products and technology, we are able to determine the source of a malfunction quickly and efficiently. This leads to fast repairs and saves our customers' time and money. Moreover, we provide warranty and non-warranty service and after-sales service. A wide range of our services meets the needs of diverse clients.

We use state-of-the-art technology, the best available software and top quality tools. Our staff is comprised of highly-qualified professionals. The products we offer have all the necessary quality certificates.

VAGTEC provides mobile services. This means that installation, immediate repairs or parts replacement can be done anywhere upon our customer's request. We are available 7 days a week. All the notifications are dealt with up to 72 hours.

Over the years, VAGTEC, with our wealth of experience, has earned customer confidence, and positioned us as a leader on the market. Our firm continues gaining recognition and acclaim. In order to meet our customers’ expectations we are continually improving our offer. Consequently, we provide the best quality services.

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