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What is an Vag-Tec Account?

An Vag-Tec Account lets you personalise your Vag-Tec on-line experience. Once you have created an Vag-Tec Account you will use it to access those Vag-Tec online resources which require you to identify yourself. With your Vag-Tec Account you can access your Vag-Tec Store order history and our Vag-Tec Self Service website. Your Vag-Tec Account account is also used for download manuals and fitting instructions.

What are the benefits of an Vag-Tec Account?

To create an Vag-Tec login or sign in using an existing Vag-Tec, click here. If you have previously made purchases through the Vag-Tec Store you can use this Vag-Tec login.

By creating and using an Vag-Tec Account, you can personalise your Vag-Tec Online Store experience. With an Vag-Tec Account you can save items you are interested in purchasing, save a shopping bag if you are almost ready to place an order, check your order status, and much more.

Additionally, your Vag-Tec Account gives you access to other Vag-Tec resources including:

  • Buying products, upgrades, and installation service
  • Buying or downloading software
  • Registering your Vag-Tec products
  • Accessing support for your products from Vag-Tec Care
  • Getting One to One personal training and other services at an Vag-Tec Store

Sign in to Order Status to begin taking advantage of these features!

If you forgot your Vag-Tec login, try your current email address. If that doesn't work you can find your username with our Vag-Tec Account recovery tool, iForgot. You can also visit the Your Vag-Tec Support page.

If you still can't sign in, please contact Vag-Tec Store Customer Service at (+44 333 666 2222). For security purposes, Vag-Tec cannot provide you with your Vag-Tec login or password.

How to create an Vag-Tec account?

To create an Vag-Tec account and password, click here. Enter your e-mail address, which becomes your Vag-Tec account username, and all of the other required fields.

Can I buy online without an Vag-Tec Account?

Vag-Tec does not offer Guest Checkout feature, to purchase online you need to create Vag-Tec Account.

Can I have more than one Vag-Tec account?

Yes, but it is not recommended as you will not be able to view your complete order history under the same Vag-Tec account. Please note, Vag-Tec accounts can not be merged.

I forgot my Vag-Tec account password.

Follow the instructions on the iForgot web site password. Your sign-in information will be sent to the email address you chose for your Vag-Tec account. Alternatively you can answer the password recovery question you set when you created your account.

For security reasons, Vag-Tec cannot reset the password for you.

How do I change my Vag-Tec account details?

It is easy to change your user name, password, or billing information. Just click on “Account” at the top of any Vag-Tec Store page and sign in. Once signed in, you can review and edit your personal information. Alternatively you can visit http://vagtec.co.uk/eshop/customer/account/login/ to modify your Vag-Tec account.

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