VAGTEC has been on the car electronics/electrics market for 10 years. Since the very beginning, we have specialized in providing original parts as well as professional service and technical know-how. We know how the parts are manufactured and how to fit them into your car. Our staff are well-qualified specialists-engineers trained by technicians and constructors in Great Britain and Germany.

We install multimedia systems, various electronic accessories and equipment. We realize how precious your time is; therefore we examine notifications up to 72 hours. We do installations 7 days a week anywhere upon our customer's request, for example in your workplace, at your home or when you are on vacation. It is important to realize that the only way to avoid unnecessary and time-consuming car breakdowns is to have a professional installation done by well-qualified staff.

Having original Volkswagen Group products installed means that you do not violate the terms and conditions of your car manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, it is only VAGTEC that can provide you with the same warranty as that which is provided by Volkswagen, that is, a 3-year warranty.

Our professional staff, original parts and accessories combined with years of experience are the factors that make VAGTEC a reliable and effective firm that will always meet your expectations.

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